Thursday, November 19, 2015

$59.99 Autograph Sale Steiner Sports November 2015

The Steiner Sports $59.99 Autograph Sale is going on right now. Look for dozens of BIG NAMES like Earl Campbell, Yoenis Cespedes, Bill Mazerowski, Pete Rose, Brooks Robinson, Carlton Fisk, Jim Bunning, Dave Winfield, Joe Torre, Ichiro Suzuki and more!

AMOST 600 DIFFERENT COLLECTIBLES AVAILABLE! At only $60, these guys won't last long. It's a great time to add to your autograph collection!


Here's how to take advantage of this deal

1) Take a look at everything that's on sale at the Steiner Sports $59.99 Autograph Sale. You will see the regular listed price for each collectible ($309.99 - $59.99).

2) Select the item(s) you want and click ADD TO CART.

3) Once you are done shopping, click CHECKOUT. You will see the $59.99 sale price listed in the YOUR ORDER section.

4) If you have a Steiner account, enter your email address and password. If DO NOT have a Steiner account, enter your email address and select CONTINUE AS GUEST.

5) Shipping and Information. Input ALL your shipping information, select your shipping method and click NEXT. You will be directed to Billing/ Payment Information.

6) Billing/ Payment Information. Input your payment information.

(NOTE: You will see a PROMO CODE Box. DO NOT ENTER A PROMO CODE!!!! The largest Steiner Sports Promo Code is UCAGS20. It takes 20% off. If you input the code, it will OVERRIDE the sale price and take of 20% of the retail price. Not good. SO DO NOT ENTER A PROMO CODE FOR THIS SALE, but keep UCAGS20 in your pocket for safe keeping.)

7) Click on SUBMIT AND REVIEW. You will be taken to Order Review.

8) Order Review. Submit your order and you are good to go! Enjoy the savings!

Checkout the Steiner Sports $59.99 Autograph Sale to take advantage of this great deal.

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