New York Mets Autograph Signings 2015

You have just found the ultimate destination for New York Mets autograph signings and player appearances for 2015. Click on the player's name to see detailed information about when are where they will be signing next. You can save a ton of money by sending your own collectibles or PRE-PURCHASE something brand new.

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Bret Saberhagen Autograph Signings: Kansas City Royals/ NY Mets 3x MLB All-Star Pitcher
1985 and 1989 American League Cy Young Award winner
1985 World Series Champion (Royals)
1985 World Series MVP

Darryl Strawberry Autograph Signings: NY Mets/ LA Dodgers/ NY Yankees 8x NY Mets MLB All-Star Outfielder
1983 National League Rookie of the Year
4x World Series Champion (1986 Mets) and (1996, 1998 and 1999 Yankees)

Dwight Gooden Autograph Signings: NY Mets/ NY Yankees 4x MLB All-Star Pitcher
1984 National League Rookie of the Year
1985 National League Cy Young Award Winner
3x World Series Champion (1986 Mets) and (1996 and 2000 Yankees)

Eddie Murray Autograph Signings: Baltimore Orioles/ NY Mets/ LA Dodgers 8x MLB All-Star First Baseman
1977 American League Rookie of the Year
3x Gold Glove Award Winner
1983 World Series Champion (Orioles)
3,255 Career Hits
504 Career Homeruns
Class of 2003 Baseball Hall of Fame

Jacob deGrom Autograph Signings: NY Mets All-Star Pitcher
2014 National League Rookie of the Year
2015 MLB All-Star

Joe Torre Autograph Signings: Milwaukee Braves/ St. Louis Cardinals/ NY Mets 9x MLB All-Star Catcher/ First Baseman/ Third Baseman
NY Mets/ Atlanta Braves/ STL Cardinals/ NY Yankees/ LA Dodgers Manager
1971 National League MVP
1971 National League Batting Champion
4x World Series Champion (1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000)
2x AL Manager of the Year (1996 and 1998)

Keith Hernandez Autograph Signings: St. Louis Cardinals/ NY Mets 5x MLB All-Star First Baseman
1979 NL Most Valuable Player
NY Mets 1986 World Series Champion

Lenny Dykstra Autograph Signings: NY Mets/ Philadelphia Phillies 3x MLB All-Star Centerfielder
1986 World Series Champion (Mets)
2x National League Hits Leader

Pedro Martinez Autograph Signings: Montreal Expos/ Boston Red Sox/ New York Mets 8x MLB All-Star Pitcher
1997 NL Cy Young Award Winner (Montreal Expos)
1999 and 2000 AL Cy Young Award Winner (Boston Red Sox)
2004 Boston Red Sox World Series Champion

Tom Glavine Autograph Signings: Atlanta Braves/ New York Mets 10x MLB All-Star Pitcher
2x National League Cy Young Award Winner (1991 and 1998)
1995 World Series Champion
1995 World Series MVP
305 Career Wins
Class of 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame

Wilmer Flores Autograph Signings: New York Mets Star Shortstop

Yoenis Cespedes Autograph Signings: Oakland As/ New York Mets All-Star Outfielder
2x MLB ASG Homerun Derby Champion (2013 and 2014)

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