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Alex Rodriquez Autograph Signings: Seattle Mariners/ Texas Rangers/ New York Yankees 14x MLB All-Star SS/3B
1996 MLB Batting Title
3x American League MVP
5x AL Homerun Champion
2009 World Series Champion (Yankees)
Only Player in MLB History with 3,000 hits, 600 home runs, 2,000 RBIs and 300 steals

Bernie Williams Autograph Signings: NY Yankees 5x MLB All-Star Outfielder
1998 American League Batting Champion
4x Gold Glove Award Winner
4x World Series Champion (1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000)

Chris Chambliss Autograph Signings: Cleveland Indians/ NY Yankees/ Atlanta Braves All-Star First Baseman
#1 Overall Pick of 1970 Amateur Baseball Draft
1971 American League Rookie of the Year
1977 and 1978 World Series Champion (Yankees)

Darryl Strawberry Autograph Signings: NY Mets/ LA Dodgers/ NY Yankees 8x NY Mets MLB All-Star Outfielder
1983 National League Rookie of the Year
4x World Series Champion (1986 Mets) and (1996, 1998 and 1999 Yankees)

Dave Winfield Autograph Signings: Padres/ Yankees/ Blue Jays/ Twins 12x MLB All-Star Outfielder
8x 100 RBI Seasons
465 Career Home Runs
3,110 Career Hits
Class of 2001 Baseball Hall of Fame

Derek Jeter Autograph Signings: New York Yankees 14x MLB All-Star Shortstop
1996 American League Rookie of the Year
3,465 Career Hits (6th Highest in MLB History)
5x Silver Slugger Award Winner
5x Gold Glove Award Winner
5x World Series Champion

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Dwight Gooden Autograph Signings: NY Mets/ NY Yankees 4x MLB All-Star Pitcher
1984 National League Rookie of the Year
1985 National League Cy Young Award Winner
3x World Series Champion (1986 Mets) and (1996 and 2000 Yankees)

Hideki Matsui Autograph Signings: NY Yankees 2x MLB All-Star Outfielder
4x 100 RBI Seasons
2009 World Series Champion
2009 World Series MVP

Joe Torre Autograph Signings: Milwaukee Braves/ St. Louis Cardinals/ NY Mets 9x MLB All-Star Catcher/ First Baseman/ Third Baseman
NY Mets/ Atlanta Braves/ STL Cardinals/ NY Yankees/ LA Dodgers Manager
1971 National League MVP
1971 National League Batting Champion
4x World Series Champion (1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000)
2x AL Manager of the Year (1996 and 1998)
Class of 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame

Jorge Posada Autograph Signings: New York Yankees 5x MLB All-Star Catcher
5x Silver Slugger Award Winner
4x World Series Champion

Mariano Rivera Autograph Signings: New York Yankees 13x MLB All-Star Pitcher
All-Time MLB Career Saves Leader (652)
5x World Series Champion
3x MLB Saves Leader

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Mark Teixeira Autograph Signings: Texas Rangers/ NY Yankees 3x MLB All-Star First Baseman
3x Silver Slugger Award Winner
4x Gold Glove Award Winner
2009 World Series Champion (Yankees)

Randy Johnson Autograph Signings: Expos/ Mariners/ Astros/ Diamondbacks/ Yankees/ Giants 10x MLB All-Star Pitcher
Four consecutive NL Cy Young Awards with the Arizona Diamondbacks (1999-2002)
2001 World Series MVP
303 Career Wins
4,875 Career Strikeouts
Class of 2015 Baseball Hall of Fame

Reggie Jackson Autograph Signings: Oakland A's/ NY Yankees/ California Angels 14x MLB All-Star Outfielder
1973 American League Most Valuable Player
563 Career Home Runs
4x World Series Champion (1973/ 1974 Athletics and 1977/ 1978 Yankees)
2x World Series Most Valuable Player (1973 and 1977)
Class of 1993 Baseball Hall of Fame

Rickey Henderson Autograph Signings: 10x MLB All-Star Outfielder for the Athletics and Yankees
MLB All-Time Career Stolen Base Leader
MLB All-Time Career Runs Scored Leader
Class of 2009 Baseball HOF

Roger Clemens Autograph Signings: Boston Red Sox/ Toronto Blue Jays/ NY Yankees/ Houston Astros 11x MLB All-Star Pitcher
MLB Record 7x Cy Young Awards
1986 American League MVP
1997 and 1998 Pitching Triple Crown Winner
1999 and 2000 World Series Champion (Yankees)

Tim Raines Autograph Signings: Montreal Expos/ Chicago White Sox/ NY Yankees 7x MLB All-Star Outfielder
4x National League Stolen Bases Leader
1986 NL Batting Champion
1996 and 1998 World Series Champion (Yankees)

Wade Boggs Autograph Signings: Boston Red Sox/ New York NY Yankees 13x MLB All-Star Third Baseman
5x Major League Baseball Batting Champion
8x Silver Slugger Award Winner
1996 World Series Champion (Yankees)
Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2005

Whitey Ford Autograph Signings: NY Yankees 10x MLB All-Star Pitcher
1961 American League Cy Young Award winner
1961 World Series MVP
6x World Series Champion
Highest Winning Percentage MLB History (.690)
Class of 1974 Baseball Hall of Fame

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