Steiner Sports "In Their Own Words" Autographed Photos

Have you ever wondered what was going through Eli Manning's mind during "The Great Escape?" Or what about when Joe Montana threw "The Catch" to Dwight Clark or his last minute game-winning drive against the Bengals in Super Bowl XVIII? How about Jim Craig holding the Untied States flag? Now you can with the Steiner Sports "In Their Own Words" Collection.

The collection includes hand written paragraphs from the athletes who were part of the biggest stories of the last 50 years. Remember when Brandi Chastain ripped off her shirt after winning the World Cup? How about Mookie Wilson's slow roller through Bill Buckner's legs during the 1986 World Series.

My personal favorite is Joe Montana telling Harris Barton "Hey H. There's John Candy!" during Super Bowl XVIII. With his team trailing the Bengals 16-13 during the final minutes of the game, Joe Cool needed something to keep the rest of the team calm and collected. He happened to see John Candy in the endzone and pointed him out. Minutes later, Montana threw the game-winner to John Taylor to win the game. Now I can never watch The Great Outdoors, Uncle Buck or Home Alone without thinking of that play!

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