Odell Beckham Jr Signed One Handed Catch Photos

In just one play, New York Giants wide receiver, Odell Beckham, Jr. went from standout rookie to household name. the play started out at the Dallas Cowboys 43 yard line. Just as the ball was snapped, Beckham raced down the sidelined towards the endzone. Eli Manning saw Beckham and threw a rainbow pass towards the front corner of the endzone. While the ball was in the air, Beckham tangled up with the Cowboys defender and was falling to the ground when he made an incredible, one-handed, over the head catch as he fell into the end zone. The play immediately became compared to some of the most incredible plays in NFL history.

Talk about perfect timing. Odell was already scheduled to make an appearance at the Steiner Sports store on Monday, November 24th. Steiner was able to get a few photos of "The Catch" and had them signed by Beckham. These photos are now available for purchase through Steiner Sports.

When Steiner conducts a signing, they record the date, location and details about the item signed. It's a great opportunity to pick up one of the earliest autographed photos of one of the most incredible plays you will ever see!

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