Upload Your Autograph Show Pictures

One of the most common questions I receive from readers is "Are there going to be pictures posted online after the show?" The answer to that question has always been, "It's really up to the promoter. Some put pictures up, while others do not." STARTING TODAY, you the fan can upload your own personal photos directly to the first website of it's kind! It's called the UCAGS Community. It's 100% FREE and super easy to use.

Three Simple Steps to Join In:

1) Open a Google Plus Account.

2) Follow me on Google Plus. Over 424,000 pageviews can't be wrong!

3) Join the UCAGS Community.

IT'S REALLY THAT SIMPLE! Once you are in, you can use the Google Plus app on your phone to upload pictures DIRECTLY FROM THE SIGNING! Each photo should be of you along with your favorite athlete. Give us a brief story about your encounter. I've already started things off with a photo of myself along side my son and Warrick Dunn. It's a pretty cool way to commemorate the whole experience. JOIN TODAY!

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