Hardcore 49ers Fan Shows Up at Seahawks Super Bowl Parade

You know you've got some serious kahuna's when you crash the Super Bowl party of your teams biggest rival. Thanks exactly what 15 year-old, Ronnie Andrews did last week when he showed up at the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Victory Parade completely decked out in San Francisco 49ers gear. Naturally, he became a HUGE hit on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. He drew so much attention that he caught the eye of Catherine Tate. Tate happens to be the president of a Niners booster club called "Ladies of the Empire." Moved by Ronnie's bravery, Tate decided to start a campaign to help raise $5,500 so he could make the trip to San Francisco and watch a game from the 50-yard line next year.

As Tate got to know Ronnie a little more, she found out that he is NOT ONLY the most hardcore 49ers fan in the world, but he's also homeless and lives in a shelter in Kirkland, Washington. Ronnie (AKA The Niner Waldo) made the 12 mile trip from Kirkland to Seattle by city bus. Once Ronnie's story got out, they blew past the $5,500 goal and HAVE DECIDED RAISE ENOUGH MONEY TO SEND HIM TO COLLEGE! Right now, there is over $30,000 raised in Ronnie's name but Tate is looking to get $50,00 so Ronnie can go to the college of his choice.

Checkout the video below to see him walking through the crowd, then go to Go Fund Me to make a donation. Donate as little as $5.00 and you will see your name on the right side of the screen. I HOPE A 49ERS PLAYER SEES THIS.

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