Sports Memorabilia Rewards Program

With over 400,000 collectibles and memorabilia in stock and ready to ship, is one of the busiest websites in the United States (Quantcast Ranked #13,765). Founded in 1996, they recently launched a new rewards program that allows you to earn points on tons of things like opening an email, tweeting a product and making a purchase. Starting at 200 points, you can redeem them for a $10.00 gift card. Once you hit 1,000 points in a year, you will start earning 1.4 points for every dollar you spend. It's a FREE and EASY way to reward yourself for being an autograph addict! You get 30 points just for signing up. Checkout the details below.

How to Earn Points

Enroll in the program = Earn 30 Points
Open an Email = Earn 2 Points
Email Product = Earn 5 Points
Link Accounts = Earn 10 Points
Follow SportsMem on Twitter = Earn 10 Points
Tweet a Product = Earn 2 Points
Refer a Friend = Earn 100 (Once friend makes a valid purchase)
Earn one point for every dollar you spend

Points Breakdown

200 points = $10 gift certificate
400 points = $20 gift certificate
600 points = $30 gift certificate

Annual Points Threshold

1,000 Points = Earn 1.4 Points for every dollar spent
2,000 Points = Earn 2.0 Points for every dollar spent
5,000 Points = Get access to exclusive products, private deals, and discounts not available online

How to Earn 42 Points Right Now

1) Enroll in the Program = 30 Points
2) Follow SportsMem on Twitter = 10 Points
3) Tweet a product = 2 Points.

Make the Most out of Every Purchase

You start off earning one point for every dollar you spend. Even purchases made at the Clearance Center count towards your rewards total. So does the Deal of the Day.

Sign up for the Sports Memorabilia Rewards Progam today!

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