Top 5 Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day Moments in Sports History

Trying to come up with a list of top sports moments on Christmas Eve/ Day proved to be quite a task. The NFL doesn't like to schedule games on either day (see #4 below) and the NHL hasn't had a Christmas Day game since 1971 nor a Christmas Eve game since 1972. It's the off-season for MLB. I know it's been a long-standing tradition for the NBA to play on Christmas Day, but it's not even at the All-Star break. With that being said, here are my Top Five Christmas Eve/ Day Moments in Sports History...

#5 December 25, 1930 - Detroit Falcons (now the Red Wings) defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs 10 - 1. Detroit's 10-goal output is the most goals scored on ANY holiday in the history of the NHL.

#4 December 25, 1971 - Miami Dolphins defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 27 -24 in double-overtime of the NFL's Divisional Playoffs. It was the longest game in NFL history and sparked several complaints and criticism due to the game interrupting Christmas dinners. It was be the last NFL game on Christmas Day for almost 20 years.

#3 December 25, 1984 - Bernard King scored 60 points for the New York Knicks as they lost to the New Jersey Nets 120 - 114. It was the most points scored in the history of Madison Square Garden and is still the most on Christmas day.

#2 December 25, 1947 - New York Knicks defeated the Providence Steamrollers 89 - 75 in the very first NBA game played on Christmas Day. The tradition is now over 60 years old.

#1 December 24, 1950 - The Cleveland Browns defeated the Los Angeles Rams 30 - 28 in the 1950 NFL Championship Game. Browns HOF quarterback, Otto Graham threw for 298 yards and four TDs. He also rushed for 99 yards. HOF kicker Lou Groza kicked the winning field goal in the fourth quarter. This was and probably will forever be the only time a major sports team has won the league championship on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

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