Today is the 86th Anniversary of Babe Ruth's 60th Homerun of the 1927 MLB Season

86 years ago today, Babe Ruth hit the 60th homerun of the historic 1927 major league baseball season. Ruth's 60th homerun was a two-run shot off of Washington Senators starting pitcher, Tom Zachary in the bottom of the eighth inning that broke 2-2 tie. It was the 154th game of the 155 game season. The homerun broke his own record of 59, which he established back in 1921. Ruth's 60 homeruns were more than 12 of the 16 MLB team-totals for that year. It also represents 6.5% of ALL the homeruns that were hit that year.

You can see the bat Babe Ruth used to hit 21 of his 60 homeruns that season right here.

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