20% Steiner Sports Promo Code - How to Use it

Follow these steps to to take 20% off your next purchase at Steiner Sports:

1) Click on the following link: TAKE 20% OFF at Steiner Sports with code SPORTS20!

2) Once you are done shopping and are ready to checkout, drag your mouse over the "My Cart" section to review your order.

3) Scroll down and click "Checkout." You will be directed to the Checkout page.

4) If you have a Steiner account, enter your email address and password. If DO NOT have a Steiner account, select "Continue as Guest."

5) Step 1 - Shipping and Information. Input ALL your shipping information, select your shipping method and click "Next." You will be directed to Step 2.

6) Step 2 - Biling/ Payment Information. (HERE'S WHERE YOU ENTER THE PROMO CODE!) Once you input your payment information, scroll down about half way and your will see the PROMO CODE Box. Type SPORTS20 (or copy and paste it from this site) and click "Apply." The discount will immediately appear on the right side of the screen under "Order Summary."

7) Click on "Submit & Review Order." You will be taken to Step 3.

8) Step 3 - Order Review. Submit your order and you are good to go! Enjoy the savings!

This is the largest coupon Steiner Sports offers. It can be used site-wide, even on sale items and the is NO EXPIRATION DATE. Use it over and over again as many items as you want.

TAKE 20% OFF at Steiner Sports with code SPORTS20!

NOTE: If you click on the blue EDIT CART link inside the YOUR ORDER section, there is a PROMO CODE box at the bottom of the screen. THE PROMO CODE WILL NOT WORK IF YOUR ENTER IT HERE. I've tried several times. The PROMO CODE will only work when you are on Step 2 - Billing and Shipping.

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE as "Steiner Promo Code." You'll have the code anytime you need it.

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