Homer Bailey and Nolan Ryan No Hitter Unused Tickets and Ticket Stubs

Last night, Cincinnati Reds pitcher, Homer Bailey became the second pitcher in MLB history to throw the last no-hitter of one season and the first no-no of the next. He threw 109 pitches, struckout nine batters and walked one as the Reds defeated the San Francisco Giants 3-0.Bailey's 1st no-no came just 10 months ago at the end of the 2012 MLB Season.

Homer became the 28th pitcher to throw two career no hitters and JUST THE SIXTH PITCHER TO THROW CONSECUTIVE MLB NO-NOS! The last pitcher to throw consecutive MLB No Hitters was Nolan Ryan in 1974 and 1975. Ryan is the only other pitcher to throw the last no-hitter of one MLB season and the first no-no of the next.

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List of pitchers who have thrown consecutive MLB No-Hitters

Addie Joss (Cleveland Naps): October 2, 1908 (vs Chicago White Sox) and April 20, 1910 (vs Chicago White Sox)
Johnny Vander Meer (Cincinnati Reds): June 11, 1938 (vs Boston Bees) and June 15, 1938 (vs Brooklyn Dodgers)
Allie Reynolds (New York Yankees): July 12, 1951 (vs Cleveland Indians) and September 28, 1951 (vs Boston Red Sox)
Warren Spahn (Milwaukee Braves): August 16, 1960 (vs Philadelphia Phillies) and April 28, 1961 (vs San Francisco Giants)
Nolan Ryan (California Angels): May 15, 1973 (vs Kansas City Royals) and July 15, 1973 (vs Detroit Tigers)
Nolan Ryan (California Angels): September 28, 1974 (vs Minnesota Twins) and June 1, 1975 (vs Baltimore Orioles)
Homer Bailey (Cincinnati Reds): September 28, 2012 (vs Pittsburgh Pirates) and July 2, 2013 (vs San Francisco Giants)

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