World's Largest Collection of Nike Shoes FOR SALE ON EBAY

The ShoeZeum is recognized by the Guiness Book of World Records as the largest sneaker collection in the world. According to this ESPN article, the ShoeZeum was started by a law student named Jordy Geller. He was the kid whose parents wouldn't buy Nike Air Jordans for him when he was little (as was I) due to their hefty price tag, so when he became an adult, he started buying them. Lots of them. He bought his first pair of Jordans in 1999 and ended up collecting 2,500 different pairs of Nike sneakers.

Now he has decided to sell the collection pair-by-pair on Ebay. The collection is nothing short of astonishing. He's got just about every theme you can imagine. Checkout the Iron Man Nike Dunks and the Superman LeBron James VI Shoes. Of course, would a sneaker collection be complete if it didn't have the Marge Simpson Nike Dunk Pro SB Zest Shoes?

This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity for sneakerheads.

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