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Top 100 NFL Players of 2013 - Maurice Jones Drew and Toy Polamalu Drop 80 Spots

Right now, The NFL Network is ranking the Top 100 Football Players of 2013. The show started on Saturday, April 27th with players #91 - #100. They will announce 10 players every Saturday for 10 weeks. There are 45 new players on the list.

Maruice Jones-Drew and Troy Polamalu both dropped more than 80 spots from their 2012 ranking. MLD ranked #12 in 2012 and fell to #98 in 2013. Polamalu was #19 in 2012 and dropped to #91 in 2013.

It will be interesting to see where the 2012 Rookie Class ends up. I'm sure Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck and Doug Martin made the cut. Visit The NFL Network for the results.