Vote for the Madden NFL 25 Cover and PRE-PURCHASE your game through Amazon.

It's been 25 years of John Madden football and to celebrate the occasion, instead of calling the next game in the series Madden NFL Football 2014, EA Sports has decided to call it Madden NFL 25.

EA Sports is also holding a contest that allows voters to choose who makes the cover! There are 32 retired players (Old School) and 32 active players (New School). Each "school" is divided into two groups of 16 players and are seeded 1 - 16. The first round of voting is from March 11th - 20th. Round two is from March 20th - 27th. Each round lasts for a week until the Finals week of April 17th - 24th.
You can cast your votes through ESPN and PRE-PURCHASE your copy through

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