Did you know that Phil Robertson from "Duck Dynasty" was the starting quarterback over Terry Bradshaw at Louisiana Tech?

That's right, the long bearded duck hunter, Phil Robertson was once the clean-shaven quarterback for the 1966 Louisiana Tech Bulldogs. Robertson threw for 1,011 yards and four touchdowns as the Dogs finished with a record of 1 - 9. He was the starting quarterback that year over some kid named Terry Bradshaw. Bradshaw took over the starting QB position in 1967 and the Bulldogs improved to a whopping 3 - 7.

Bradshaw went on to fame and fortune after winning four Super Bowls and a successful broadcasting career while Robertson founded a multi-million dollar company and is a successful reality-TV star on Duck Dynasty.
In other words... Bradshaw went on to make lots of money by playin' foos-ball and then talkin' 'bout foos-ball on the TV while Robertson made lots of money talkin' to ducks, then made a TV show with him talkin' to people 'bout talkin' to ducks.

Sounds like the Devils work to me! SCLSU Football rules!

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