Check out US Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew's Awesome Signature

Earlier today, President Barack Obama nominated Jack Lew as the new United States Secretary of the Treasury. He will replace Tim Geithner, who is scheduled to leave the office later this month. Mr. Lew is a graduate from Harvard University and Georgetown Law School. He worked for the CLinton Administration and is currently the White House Chief-of-Staff, but most importantly, he's got the one of the most incredible signatures I've ever seen! Since US currency is adorned with the signature of the secretary, once Jack is officially sworn it to office, your cash will included this little work-of-art:

Seriously! That is he real signature. Here's what it would look like on the one-dollar bill:

I love it. It's as simple as you can get, yet at the same time, it's completely absurd. I'm going to see if he will send me an autograph! 

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