Over 30 New York NY Jets Signing Autographs November 2012

Over the weekend of November 10th-11th, MAB Celebrity Services will host a public autograph signing for more than 30 former New York NY Jets football players. Over two dozen guests are from the historic Super Bowll III Championship Team.

That 70's Show will also feature some of your favorite baseball players from the seventies and eighties, including a few Hall of Famers and All-Stars. The event will take place at the Fairfield Crowne Plaza in Fairfield, New Jersey.

Location/ Address:

Fairfield Crowne Plaza
690 Route 46 East
Fairfield, NJ 07004

Show Schedule:

Saturday - 9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday - 10:00am-4:00pm

Admission is $10.00 a day or $18.00 for the weekend.

Saturday Autograph Guests

Earl Weaver - Baltimore Orioles Baseball HOF 1996

Frank Robinson - Baltimore Orioles/ Cincinnati Reds Baseball HOF 1982

Eddie Murray - Baltimore Orioles/ New York NY Mets Baseball HOF 2003

Dave Kingman - New York NY Mets/ New York NY Yankees MLB All-Star

Dave Parker - Pittsburgh Pirates/ Cincinnati Reds MLB All-Star

Fred Lynn - Boston Red Sox/ California Angels MLB All-Star

Rod Carew - Minnesota Twins/ California Angels Baseball HOF 1991

Orlando Cepeda - San Francisco Giants/ St. Louis Cardinals Baseball HOF 1999

Bill Madlock - San Francisco Giants/ Pittsburgh Pirates MLB All-Star

Juan Marichal - San Francisco Giants Baseball HOF 1983

Bob Horner - Atlanta Braves MLB All-Star

Jim Otto - Oakland Raiders Pro Football HOF

Wes Unseld - Washington Bullets Basketball HOF

Sunday Autograph Guests - All New York NY Jets

Members of the New York NY Jets Super Bowl III Championship Team

Al Atkinson  Matt Snell  Emerson Boozer  Winston Hill  Jim Turner  Babe Parilli  Gerry Philbin  Ralph Baker  Paul Rochester  Jim Hudson  Cornell Gordon  Randy Beverly  Bake Turner  Bill Mathis  Pete Lammons  John Schmitt  Don Maynard  Randy Rasmussen  Earl Christy  Bob Talamini  Walt Michaels  Mike Stromberg  Dave Herman  Curley Johnson  Larry Grantham  Bill Baird  John Dockery

Other Former Jets Players...

John Riggins  Eddie Bell  Richard Caster  Jerome Barkum

If you can't make the show, your can take advantage of their MAIL ORDER PROGRAM. Visit MAB Celebrity Services for more information.

Prices and schedule are subject to change. Player reserves the right to refuse any item.

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