Man With Metal Detector Finds $160,000 Gold Roman Coins

Mail Online reported that a UK man recently bought your basic, very day metal detector for about $200.00. A few weeks later, he came back to the store with a forty 1,600 year-old 22KT gold coins from the Holy Roman Empire. He and the shop owner went back to the area in which the coins were found and were able to find 119 more! The estimated value is $160,000.

While it's certainly a remarkable find, it's nothing compared to the 52,000 coins that were found in 2010. Those were valued at over $1 million.

In both of these cases, the finds were discovered on private property and they were reported to local museums, which means that everyone will want a piece of the pie. So if you ever find buried treasure that has been hidden for thousands of years, DO NOT TELL A SINGLE PERSON. EVER.