Oklahoma City Thunder #1 in ESPN The Magazine's Ultimate Team Rankings

For the 10th straight year, ESPN The Magazine has produced it's "Ultimate Standings List." They grade all of the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL teams based on eight separate categories. Each team is then given an overall ranking to each team.

According to their system, The Oklahoma City Thunder was the #1 franchise this year. They are followed by Green Bay Packers and San Antonio Spurs. My beloved Tampa Bay Lightning was a surprise at #7 while the Rays came in at #16 and Bucs came in at #97. The Toronto Maple Leafs came in dead-last.

Here are the #1 teams for each individual category:

Bang for the Buck - Memphis Grizzlies
Fan Relations - San Antonio Spurs
Ownership - San Antonio Spurs
Affordability - Tampa Bay Rays
Stadium Experience - Green Bay Packers
Players - San Antonio Spurs
Coaching - San Antonio Spurs
Title Track - St. Louis Cardinals

Check to see how your team ranks. You can even look at previous years; all the way back to 2003.

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