Is the NFL coming back to Los Angeles? Deal for New Stadium has been approved.

With almost 13 million people, the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana area is second only to New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island (19 million people) among the largest metropolitan areas in the United States.  The area is home to two NBA teams, two MLB teams, an NHL team and two major college football teams.

As many strides that the game of football has made over the last 15-20 years, one of the biggest disappointments has got to be the inability to put an NFL team back in Los Angeles. The LA Rams started playing there in 1946 and while the LA Raiders started playing in 1982. Both teams left for greener pastures in 1994, leaving the nations second largest TV market without an NFL team for almost two decades.

On Friday, the City of Los Angeles took a huge step towards to bringing football back. Bloomberg Business Week issued a report stating the LA City Council has approved plans for a brand new $1 billion dollar stadium to be built right next to the Staples Center.

In February 2012 at the Pre-Super Bowl press conference, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that the NFL would like to return to Los Angeles, if it can be done the right way. He indicated that expanding the NFL to 33 teams would not be ideal, so there would have to be two teams to keep it even at 34. This has opened speculation that when the NFL comes back to LA, they could actually get two teams or this could open the window for the league's first international team.


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