Will Egraphs Replace Original Autographs?

We ALL knew this day was coming. With the rise of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, digital signatures on virtually everything you sign, it was only a matter of time before the Egraph would come along.

What is an Egraph?

According to egraphs.com, "An egraph is a shared moment between you and your favorite star. It is immortalized forever with a beautiful high resolution photograph, hand written note, autograph and personalized voice message..."

Essentially, you go to the site, pick an image and write a note to the player. Using Ipad technology, the player records an audio message for you and digitally signs and writes on the image you selected. You receive an email linking your to the photo. Pricing starts at $50.00.

Pros: Egraphs does provide you a pretty unique personal interaction with players. If you've ever Tweeted or emailed a famous athlete, and they responded back to you, it's pretty exciting. The recorded voice is a pretty good idea. That's something you probably would not be able to get, even if you met them in person.

Cons: It's not an "original" autograph. Autographs are like works of art and autograph collectors want the real deal. They want to know that the athlete physically held the item in his hands and signed it using real ink.

In a nutshell, while egraphs does provide a pretty unique product, I don't think they will replace "original" autographs anytime soon.