Tampa Bay Rays Stadium Proposal: 2012 Edition Carrillon

There was a lot of baseball buzz going around the Tampa Bay Area today. It wasn't for the Rays 7-1 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays (completing a three-game sweep), is was from real estate developer, Darryl LeClair, who wants to put a new Rays Ballpark in the Carillon area of St. Petersburg.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, a formal plan has not been submitted to the city at this point. Mr. LeClair has simply requested an audience to hear his idea which will be followed up with a formal proposal in the near future.

The proposed site is a vacant 12 acre lot located off of Ulmerton Avenue. It's just south of Publix and Matt Gieger's Courtside Grille. It's barely big enough to hold something like a Major League Baseball Stadium, so there most likely would have to be some reconstruction of the immediate surrounding area, but the move would bring the stadium in much closer proximity to Tampa and Clearwater, while still staying within the St. Petersburg city limits.

According to a 2009 Tampa Bay Rays study, Carillon is about a 30 minute drive for 1.22 million Tampa Bay households, which is the most of any of the previously considered sites (like Tropicana Field, downtown Tampa and the Florida State Fairgrounds). A Rays Sell-Out needs about 12,000 parking spaces. Carillon currently has about 19,000.

I'm a HUGE RAYS FAN and don't want to speculate too much about what the plans are. I can't wait to see this propsal!

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