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Dwyane Wade Miami Heat Book Signing September 2012 Los Angeles California

On Thursday September 13th, Miami Heat 8x NBA All-Star and 2x NBA Champion, Dwyane Wade will have a public book signing at Barnes and Noble, located in Los Angeles, California.

Location/ Address:

The Grove at Farmers Market
189 Grove Drive, Suite K 30
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Dwyane Wade is scheduled to begin signing at 7:00pm. HE IS ONLY SIGNING HIS BOOK, "A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball." HE WILL NOT SIGN ANY OTHER ITEMS. You will Visit Barnes and Noble for more information.

Price and schedule are subject to change. Player reserves the right to refuse any item.


  1. We were in line for 2 hours and this guy came in 45 minutes late and left on time with hundreds of people waiting to sign his book.
    My son was broken hearted, and I feel for the lil guy - he looked up to this guy also and for him to crush his heart like that and supposedly write a book about being a dad etc.. yeah right! Waited for him and We were that close for him to sign the book and then he left.
    Wow No class. Cold hearted
    Dont buy the book !


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