Ball Boys Sports Memorabilia Reality TV Show on ABC

I came across a new reality show today. It's called Ball Boys and it's on Saturday afternoons on ABC. It's about Robbie's First Base, a sports memorabilia store in Lutherville, Maryland. The show features Robbie Davis Sr., Robbie Jr. and the rest of the store's staff and there interactions between customers. Essentially, it's Pawn Stars with a sports memorabilia angle.

Today's show featured a game-worn Reggie White game-used Packers jersey and a base signed by Derek Jeter from his 3,000th hit game. The base was a birthday gift to Robbie Sr. If your a Yankee fan, you know that virtually everything related to Jeter goes through Steiner Sports. In order to get the base, Robbie Jr had to drive to the Steiner Sports warehouse, which gave viewers a small glimpse of just how much stuff Steiner owns.

I don't think this show will ever crack ABC's primetime television lineup, but if you're a sports memorabilia collector, it's worth checking out.

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