Miami Heat 2012 NBA Champions. Defeat OKC Thunder in Five Games

The Miami Heat are the 2012 NBA Champions. They have beaten the Oklahoma City Thunder in five games. Lebron James started things off tonight with some thunder of his own when he slam dunked the first two points of Game 5, sending the Miami Heat crowd into a frenzy. That was the beginning of the end as the Heat never looked back. The team played outstanding basketball throughout the entire game.

The Heat took a 59-49 lead into the locker room to end the first half. After halftime, the Thunder came out shooting, making two quick baskets to make it a five point game. That's when the Heat took off. They scored 36 points in the third quarter versus the Thunder's 22, taking a 95-71 lead into the fourth quarter. They kept things going throughout the fourth quarter en route to a final score of 121-106. Lebron James was named Finals MVP.

Congratulations to Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Mike Miller, Juwan Howard, Mario Chalmers, Shane Battier and the rest of the team!

A little bit of Fab-Five Trivia - With the win, Juwan Howard not only gets his first NBA Championship, but he is also the one and only member of the University of Michigan's Fab-Five to ever win an NBA Title. Thanks to George Richards who pointed that out.

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