How to get John Travolta's Autograph for FREE!

Most people don't know this but at one time, I starred in a major motion picture along side John Travolta! I wasn't the main character in The Punisher, but I did have a HUGE part! That's right, I was rubbing elbows with Hollywood Movie stars John Travolta, Thomas Jane, Rebecca Romijn and Will Patton!

Okay, I wasn't exactly rubbing elbows, but I was in Howard Saint's nightclub. Okay, I didn't exactly "make the final cut," but (technically) I am on the DVD. Just look under the deleted scenes section and look for the guy in the top right hand corner of the screen wearing a beige or tan long sleeved shirt. That's me! Everyone else is wearing black, so I stick out like a sore thumb. Originally, I was wearing a suit, which happened to be the same color that Travolta was wearing. The director did not want him to take any of my star-power, so he asked me to change shirts. I may have gotten the story a little mixed up, but it was so long ago, it's hard to remember.

Anywho, if you want to get John Travolta's autograph for FREE, just go to his website, click on "FANS" and follow the instructions.

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