High School Pitcher Pulled From Game One Strikeout Away From All-Strikeout Perfect Game

Have you heard this story out of California? The LA Times was the first to report that Ryan Olson of Western Christian School struck out the first 20 batters he faced, but with just one away from an all-strikeout perfect game, (HS games are only 7 innings) he was pulled from the game so that another player pitch. Reason why... it was Senior Day. Yes, you read that correctly... Senior Day.

Don't get me wrong, Senior Day is suppose give respect to the HS Seniors as they set off to new ventures, but come on, this is a bit ridiculous. Last time I checked, there are eight other positions on a baseball field that he could have played? Besides that, since Olson struck out every single batter he faced, no one else from his team played either.

Ironicly, the amount of publicity this story has brought probably helps Ryan more than if he HAD thrown the perfect game. LA Dodgers ace, Clayton Kershaw reportedly threw an all-strikeout perfect game in high school, but did it make the main stream media? Possibly (I didn't hear about it). If it did, it wasn't like this. According to Olson's scouting report on perfectgame.org he's got a fastball that reaches the low nineties. He will certainly be a player to look out for in 2013.

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