Philadelphia Flyers Autograph Signing March 2012

On Friday, March 9th, AJ Sports World will host a public autograph signing for Phildephia Flyers stars: Jaromir Jagr, Claude Giroux, Daniel Briere, Matt Read and Wayne Simmonds.

Autograph tickets for all five players start at $160.00, or you can purchase individual tickets.

Individual ticket prices are as follows:

Jaromir Jagr starts at $79.00.
Claude Giroux starts at $35.00.
Daniel Briere starts at $35.00.
Matt Read starts at $15.00.
Wayne Simmonds starts at $15.00

Unable to make the signing, but still want a hockey puck, stick, photo or Philadelphia Flyers jersey signed by these hockey stars? You can pre-order before the signing. Contact AJ Sports World for more information.

Prices and schedules are subject to change. Player reserves the right to refuse any item.