Honus Wagner T206 Card For Sale at Auction

Honus Wagner T206 baseball card went up for sale at auction today. This is the most valuable and sought after baseball card of all-time. It is often referred to as "The Holy Grail of Baseball Cards." The card was manufactured in 1910 by the American Tobacco Company and distributed with packs of cigarettes. Only 200 cards were ever produced. The two most popular beliefs for such a short production is that Wagner did not want children buy cigarette packs to get the card, or he simply wasn't being paid enough from the American Tobacco Company. It's been estimated that only around 50 cards are still in existence today. Most of these are in pretty bad shape (102 years will do that to you), but still fetch $100,000's when they hit the auction block. The most famous Honus Wagner T206 baseball card is the "Gretzky/ McNall T206 Honus Wagner." Hockey Hall of Famer, Wayne Gretzky and LA Kings owner, Bruce McNall bought the card in the early 1990's for almost $500,000.00. The card switched hands a number of times since then and is now owned by Arizona Diamondbacks team owner, Ken Kendricks, who paid almost $3 million for the card back in 2008.

The card that went to auction today is one of the highest ever graded. Sports Card Guaranty (SGC) has it rated at "40 Very Good 3," which according to the SGC Grading Scale, means

"90/10 or better centering, corners are more rounded, but not excessive. Stronger creasing may exist. Poorer focus, registration and discoloration and staining are more noticeable."

Goodwin and Company states that there have been 43 Honus Wagner T206 baseball cards that have been graded and encased and only 5 other cards have received a higher grade. The opening bid was at $300,000 and at the time of this post is already at $643,078.00. The auction ends on April 19, 2012 and is expected to sell for $1.5 million.

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