Whitney Houston Dead at 48 Years old. Her Super Bowl National Anthem will live forever.

CNN has reported the death of one of the most talented singers of all-time, Whitney Houston. She was found dead today at a Beverly Hills hotel. She was 48 years old. Houston sold over 170 million records during her almost 30 year career, but her biggest moment came on the world's biggest stage as she sang the Star Spangled Banner just before the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills squared off in Super Bowl XXV.

Super Bowl XXV was the first Super Bowl that was played while the United States was at war (Persian Gulf War/ Operation Desert Storm). Whitney's rendition of the National Anthem was filled with such soul and emotion that there was hardly a dry eye among the 74,000 football fans that watched the game live in Tampa Stadium. It is widely recognized as one of the greatest renditions of the Star Spangled Banner ever performed. In September, 2003, Rolling Stone Magazine listed it at the #1 musical moment in NFL history. Last year, I had it as the mentioned it in moment #8 of my Top 10 Most Important Super Bowl Moments.

Thank you, Whitney.

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