Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tim Tebow vs. John Elway Stats Side by Side Comparison

With all the talk about the 2011 Denver Broncos and their incredible run to win the AFC West Division Title, I decided to make a side-by-side comparison chart for Hall of Fame quarterback, John Elway and current starter, Tim Tebow. The chart below shows statistics for each of their first two years in the NFL.


John Elway Stats Tim Tebow Stats
Rookie Season 1983 Rookie Season 2010
Played in 11 games (started 10) Played in 9 games (Started 3)
9-7 Denver Broncos team record 4-12 Denver Broncos team record
2nd AFC West 4th AFC West
4-6 as starting QB 1-2 as starting QB
123 completions/ 259 attempts 41 completions/ 82 attempts
47.5% completion percentage 50.0% completion percentage
1,663 passing yards 654 passing yards
7 touchdown passes 5 touchdown passes
14 interceptions 3 interceptions
1:2 Touchdown to Interception Ratio 1.67:1 Touchdown to Interception Ratio
28 sacks 6 sacks
54.9 QB rating 82.1 QB rating
2 Fourth Quarter Comebacks 1 Fourth Quarter Comeback
1 Game Winning Drive 1 Game Winning Drive
146 rushing yards 227 rushing yards
5.2 yards per carry 5.3 yards per carry
1 rushing touchdown 6 rushing touchdowns
6 fumbles  1 fumble

1983 Broncos Defense allowed 20.4 points per game (21st in NFL)

2010 Broncos Defense allowed 29.4 points per game (Last in NFL)
1984 Sophomore Season 2011 Sophomore Season
15 games (Started 14) 14 games (Started 11)
13-3 Denver Broncos team record 8-8 Denver Bronocs team record
1st in AFC West 1st in AFC West
12-2 as starting QB 7-4 as stating QB
214/ 380 attempts 126 completions/ 271 attempts
56.3 completion percentage 46.5 completion percentage
2,598 passing yards 1,720 passing yards
18 touchdown passes 12 touchdown passes
15 interceptions 6 interceptions
1.2:1 Touchdown to Interception Ratio 2:1 Touchdown to Interception Ratio
24 sacks 33 sacks
76.8 QB Rating 72.9 QB rating
2 Fourth Quarter Comebacks 5 Fourth Quarter Comebacks
1 Game Winning Drive 6 Game Winning Drives
237 rushing yards 660 rushing yards
4.2 yards per carry 5.4 yards per carry
1 rushing touchdown 6 rushing touchdowns
14 fumbles

1984 Denver Broncos Defense allowed 15.1 points per game (2nd in NFL)
13 fumbles

2011 Denver Broncos Defense allowed 24.4 points per game (24th in NFL)

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