Miami Marlins New Uniform and Stadium

The Florida Marlins officially became the Miami Marlins on November 11, 2011. The change marks what could be a major turning point in Marlins history. Since 1992, the Marlins played their games in Joe Robbie/ Pro Player Park/ Pro Player Stadium/ Dolphins Stadium/ Dolphin Stadium/ Land Shark Stadium/ Sun Life Stadium, which is football stadium located in the city of Miami Gardens. It's the home of the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Hurricanes.

Despite playing on a football field for their first 19 MLB seasons, the organization has always been able to put together a competitive team, as evidenced by their World Series Championships in 1997 and 2003, but their attendance numbers have always been in the bottom tier of MLB. Their new stadium, New Marlins Ballpark, is being built about 15 miles south of the the old stadium, in the Little Havanna neighborhood, will give the Marlins their own ballpark and will be much closer to glamour of South Beach and downtown Miami.

The new stadium will have a retractable roof, will seat about 37,000 baseball fans and is scheduled to open on March 5, 2012.