First Black Friday Shoppers 2011

It's that time of year again. Pies in the oven, turkeys being stuffed and crazy shoppers camping out for days in order to be first in line to get the best Black Friday Deals of 2011. Last year, these ladies camped out in front of a St. Petersburg, FL Best Buy and the store manager gave them each an Apple Ipad.

This year, some of the major retailers are opening earlier than ever. Target will open it's doors at midnight on Black Friday. Walmart is actually opening their doors at 10pm while Toys R Us will be open at 9pm on Thanksgiving night!

We haven't heard of any campers or free ipads yet, but with all these early openings, their is bound to been at least a few people who will be camping out for at least at least a week, to take advantage of some great deals. We will update this post once we hear something.

***Updated 11/18 - It's official, Christina Orta is the first black friday shopper of 2011. She's camping out in front of the same St. Petersburg, FL Best Buy that our friends from 2010 were at as well. She started camping out no Wednesday, November 16th.

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