Leon Lett Finds Redemption for 1993 Thanksgiving Day Classic

On Thanksgiving Day in 1993, Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle, Leon Lett committed one of the most famous blunders in NFL history, but in case you forgot, here goes. With just seconds to go, the Cowboys led the Miami Dolphins 14-13 as the Dolphins attempted a 41 yard field goal that was blocked at the line of scrimmage. While the rest of the Cowboys were celebrating a victory, Leon decided to try and pick up the the ball. He ended up slipping on the slow, touching the ball, which was then recovered by the Dolphins. The Dolphins then kicked a field goal to win the game 16-14 as time expired. Had he just let the ball untouched, Miami would not have been able to pick up the ball and the Cowboys would have won! Luckily, the game ended up having no bearing on the final standings as the Cowboys still won the Super Bowl that year.

Leon's had to live with that blunder (as well as the other one) for almost 20 years now, but he's finally come to terms with it. Check out this video, I mean Snickers Commercial about his road to redemption. The whole things a big spoof, but it's pretty funny. I was able to "Lett it go."

Lessons learned:

1) Never play literally hungry. (Don't fill up on Snickers either. Just not a good idea)
2) Never play football or date anyone named Steve, The Bulgarian Towngirl.

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