Tampa Bay Rays tie Boston Red Sox for AL Wild Card Race

With a 5-2 victory over the New York Yankees, coupled with a 6-3 Boston Red Sox loss to the Baltimore Orioles, the Tampa Bay Rays have tied the BoSox in the 2011 AL Wild Card race. So here is what's left. Both teams have two games left. Neither team will be able to clinch the Wild Card until the last day of the regular season.

Even though the Rays won the season series 12 games to 6, head to head records are not a factor in the tie breaking process. If both teams end the season with the same record, there will be a one game playoff, after the end of the regular season. The team with the better head-to-head record will be the home team. In this case, it would be the Rays and the game would be played on Thursday, September 29th at Tropicana Field.

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