Most Underrated Player in MLB - Dexter Fowler

Do a search for "Most Underrate Player in MLB" and you'll find a ton of Top 5 or Top 10 lists with some familiar names like Ryan Zimmerman, Shin-Soo Choo and Starlin Castro. Chances are you'd have to look pretty far to find a list with Colorado Rockies outfielder, Dexter Fowler on it.

"Who is Dexter Fowler?" is what I asked myself when I was looking at the league leaders in triples. In 2009, he finished tied for fifth in MLB in triples. In 2010, he led all MLB, and this year, he's one behind the league leader, Jose Reyes. In fact, in three "almost full" MLB seasons, Fowler has hit 39 triples, which is an average of 13 a year. Now I know this is a bit of a stretch, but if the 25 year old outfielder averages 13 triples for 17 more years, that would put him at 260 career triples, which would be good enough for third place All-Time, right after Sam Crawford and Ty Cobb. I'm not ready to put him into the Hall of Fame just yet, but his career is definitely off to a good start.

For the longest time, I had Zimmerman as the most underrated player in MLB, but since he's started to show up on everyone's list, it's hard to say he's still underrated. He certainly doesn't fly under the radar anymore. So, sorry Zimm, people do appreciate you now. :-) What puts Fowler over the edge is that his Wikipedia page is one of the shortest I've ever seen for a MLB player. Don't worry Dexter, you keep doing what you do and you'll be fine.