Will Dan Marino's Single Season Passing Record be broken in 2011?

In 1984, Miami Dolphins legendary quarterback, Dan Marino, threw for an NFL record, 5,084 passing yards. Dan averaged 317.75 yards per game during his record setting season and as of week two of the 2011 NFL season, there are 5 quarterbacks that are averaging well over 317.75 yards per game. They are:

Tom Brady - 470.0 ypg, on pace for 7,520 passing yards
Cam Newton - 427.0 ypg, on pace for 6,832 passing yards
Philip Rivers - 356.5 ypg, on pace for 5,704 passing yards
Drew Brees - 344.5 ypg, on pace for 5,512 passing yards
Tony Romo - 343.5 ypg, on pace for 5,496 passing yards

It's only been two weeks, and defenses will adjust, but these numbers are simply incredible. It's not a matter of "IF" Dan Marino's single season passing record will be broken this year, but "WHO" will break it. Or even, "How many quarterbacks will pass Marino this year?" This is certainly the year the record falls. Cam Newton will not be on the list. If the Carolina Panthers (0-2) want to start winning football games and want to protect they're franchise player, they will have to start running the ball more. Romo won't make the cut either. He was hurt during week 2, with a fractured rib and a punctured lung. (Ouch!!!) Those injuries take a while to heal and could hinder him all season.

That leaves Brady, Rivers and Brees. They are seasoned vets that get great protection. As the season progresses and defenses catch up, these three will continue to adapt and dominate opponents. Watch out for Aaron Rodgers, he could sneak into the record chase as well. He's completing almost 71% of his passes so far.