Most Exciting Moment in Tampa Bay Sports History

Is there anything that can top what happened last night at Tropicana Field? Tampa Bay Rays fans will be talking about the miracle ending to the 2011 regular season for the rest of their lives. The entire Bay Area hasn't been the electrified since "Old Sparky" was retired. I've never seen or heard anything like this. The ratings for all the local sports radio shows has got to be through the dome.

I watched the Rays complete the biggest single season turn around in MLB history in 2008, and even went to Game 2 of the 2008 World Series. I watched Ronde Barber return that interception against the Eagles in the NFC Championship game. I was high fiving people in their cars down in Ybor City when the Bucs won the Super Bowl (Don't tell mom). I watched as the Tampa Bay Lightning took care of the Calgary Flames in one of the most exciting Stanley Cup Finals ever. Those are just a few of the amazing sports moments we've had, but I really think that this regular season game between the Rays and Yankees, coupled with the Orioles beating Boston, is the most exciting moment in Tampa Bay Sports history.

Coming back from being nine games back in the month of September... going into the bottom of the eighth, with just one hit against the Yankees... Sean Rodriquez taking a HBP to walk in a run... Upton with his sacrifice fly... then our superstar, our legend, Evan Longoria, hitting a monster 3-run home run to get within one. I've never been so happy, yet still losing in my life. Then when I saw that Dan Johnson was pinch hitting for Sam Fuld, I KNEW was what going to happen! No stranger to dramtic home runs, Johnson, hit a huge homerun in 2008 against Jonathan Paplebon and the Red Sox. He did it again in 2010 against the BoSox, so when he got up, I KNEW WHAT HE WAS GOING TO DO! Down to the last strike of the entire season, Johnson hit the most dramatic home run over the right field fence! What really amazing, is that Rays announcer, Brian Anderson, actually called both the Longoria home run in the eighth and Johnson's in the ninth! HE KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN TOO!

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