Matthew Stafford Injury

"Matthew Stafford, when he's healthy," has got to be the most over used phrase in the NFL for the last few years. You hear it in every fantasy football draft party, every NFL pre-game show, and from every football analyst. Even Kurt Warner said it earlier today.

Did the football gods enact a commandment stating, "Thou shalt not use thy name of Matthew Stafford, without talking about his health."? Seriously, it's just so played out. Besides, couldn't you say that for every single player. "When he's healthy, he's fine." Well, no kidding. There, I've finally got that off my chest.

I really think it's time we give Matt a break. He's had a few injuries, but he's a solid quarterback that is tough as nails. Besides, this guy had a devastating ankle injury, this guy hurt his shoulder and this guy did something to his knee. They turned out okay.

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