Is the NFL too pass happy?

So Week 1 of the 2011 NFL Season is in the record books, literally. Out of 16 games, there were four 400 yard performances, including 422 passing yards by Carolina Panthers rookie, Cam Newton, and 517 yards by Tom Brady. By the way, I read an article Sunday evening, where someone pointed out that Brady had never thrown for 422 yards in a game. Then came Monday Night against the Dolphins. 517 yards later, that article is no where to be found.

To give you an idea about how incredible four 400 yard passing games is, Hall of Fame quarterbacks, Troy Aikman and Fran Tarkenton never reached the 400 yard mark.

The numbers look very impressive at first, but after looking at the win/ loss columns, I'm not too sure I want my quarterback leading the league is passing yards this year. Of those performances, (Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Cam Newton and Chad Henne). Only Tom Brady led his team to victory. The Patriots beat the Dolphins, who were led by fellow 400 yarder, Chad Henne. Of the top 8 individual receiving yard performances, only Wes Welker's 160 receiving yards went towards a victory, while on the other side of the coin, the teams that posted the top 5 single rushing game performances were 5-0.

Thought here: No matter how much the passing game has opened up over the years, football games are still won and lost right at the line of scrimmage.