How big will Prince Fielder's 2011 MLB All Star Game home run end up being?

Between Cecil and Prince, the Fielder family is no stranger to big time home runs. Cecil hit 51 home runs in 1991, becoming the first MLB player to hit 50 home runs since George Foster did it in 1977. Prince hit 50 as well in 2007, making Cecil and Prince the first and only father and son duo to hit 50 in a single season, however, the biggest one might have come during the 20ll MLB All Star Game.

Prince hit a 3-run home run in the bottom of the fourth inning. The National League scored two more runs and beat the American League 5-1, but all the offense they really needed came from the big man's bat. By winning the game, the National League secured home field advantage for the 2011 World Series. As of this post, the Milwaukee Brewers are in first place, atop the NL Central. They are a MLB Best, 41-15 at home this year, yet their road record is nothing to brag about at 26-35. Assuming that they won't catch the Phillies for the best overall record in the NL, they would still have home field advantage in the NLDS if they have a better record than the NL West Division Champion. They easily end up in the NLCS at the end of the year. If they make it pass the NLCS, they would have home field advantage in the World Series.

So Prince's home run, in an exhibition game (that doesn't really count), could end up being one of the biggest in Milwaukee Brewers and the Fielder family history. The best home team with home field advantage in the World Series? You can't ask for much more than that.