Philadelphia Phillies trade for Hunter Pence - What about my Fantasy Baseball team?

The Philadelphia Phillies have acquired outfielder, Hunter Pence. This ridiculously talented team just got a whole lot better, but that's not important. The important part is the guy who is leading my Fantasy Baseball League is a huge Phillies fan and I know he'll be asking me for a trade. He's been trying to get Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels from me all season, but I've been holding out.

My outfielders right now are Hunter Pence, Josh Hamilton, Ryan Braun and Mitch Moreland. I also have Daniel Murphy and Ty Wigginton who can play multiple positions. I could use some help at shortstop. All I've got is Jason Barlett and Jeff Keppinger. Bartlett is good for stolen bases and Keppinger hits into "The Gap" all the time and rarely strikes out, but I think I can convince him to trade me Cleveland Indians shortstop, Asdrubal Cabrera for Pence.

Fair deal? Or should I hold on to Pence?