Fantasy Football Draft Party - Best place to have one.

So it looks like were very close to the end of the NFL lockout. If you didn't read my last post about the Best Fantasy Football Tips, check out the article here. It's a different site, but I wrote the article.

Now you've got all your stat sheets ready and you're ready for Full-Contact Fantasy Football!!! If you're looking for a place to host a Fantasy Football Draft Party, look no further than Buffalo Wild Wings.

Last year, was the first year we had a draft party and on a whim, just kind of picked Buffalo Wild Wings and it paid off. Turns out they LOVE draft parties. They have a free draft kit that includes a draft board, player stickers, plenty of koozies, plenty of $10 coupons and even a Championship Banner for your league! I'm not 100% sure on the number of koozies and coupons that were in the kit last year, but there was about 8-9 people in our party and we had plenty to spare.

The atmosphere is real casual and plenty of draft parties were going on at other tables. They have free Wi-Fi throughout the restaurant and plenty of electrical outlets to plug your laptops in. Don't forget to bring a power strip so everyone can plug in. You might need to bring an extension cord as well; better safe than sorry. The food is good and they have about million different types of BBQ sauces.That's where we'll be again come the last weekend in August.

**Updated - 8/26/2011 - We had our 2011 Fantasy Football Draft there again this year. It was another great time. They were out of the full draft kits, but we still got the koozies and 2x $10 coupons.

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