Check out this 200lb nurse shark I caught right from the beach!

Want to see the 200lbs nurse shark I caught off of Clearwater Beach? you'll have to "Like" us on Facebook. We had four lines in all. We got there just after sunset and our strategy was to kayak the bait just over the sandbar and drop it off. Guess what? It worked! Right as I ended my second run (it was pitch black at this point) I got back in and one of the lines started spinning like a top. I grabbed it, fought for about 15-20 minutes before I was able to finally get him in. It was so dark out, the only light we had was from one flashlight. This was the first time I ever went shark fishing. Once I got him close to shore, I was just praying he wasn't a stingray!

Nurse sharks are pretty docile, but like every other living creature, they get real mad when they get a large hook in the mouth. They also don't like being pulled back into the water either when you're trying to release them. And YES, they do have teeth!

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