NFL Networks 100 Greatest Players. They forgot Warren Sapp.

The NFL Network recently released it's list of the The Top 100 Players in NFL History, but they forgot someone. He even works for the NFL Network.

How can they leave the QB Killa off this list? Warren Sapp re-defined the defensive tackle position. Once Tony Dungy introduced the Tampa-Two, it became the most talked about defensive scheme in the NFL. The Bucs defense dominated the NFL for years, and Sapp was the first man the opposing teams came across.

Warren Sapp also was a:

7-Time NFL Pro Bowler
4-Time First Team All-Pro
2-Time Second Team All-Pro
Super Bowl Champion
Member of the 1990's and 2000's All-Decade Teams
The 1999 NFL Defensive Player of the Year (One of only six DTs to win the award)

His 96.5 sacks is second All-Time for Defensive Tackles and to top it all off, he almost won Dancing With the Stars a couple years ago.

The defensive tackles that are on the Top 100 list are all Hall of Famers and deserve to be on the list. There just needs to be one more added to it.

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